joi, 7 mai 2009


Om este acela care poartă într-însul ceva mai mare decât el. (Saint-Exupery)

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  1. I overheard a conversation quite some time ago. I'm sure I was falling asleep so I wonder if it was a dream. I'm sure I was a kid but so was he. But it went like this...

    anonim: But what if my island is surrounded by a desert sea?
    Antoine: "Then, dear boy, fate was kind to you. For you don't need a ship."
    Are you saying I should leave the beauty of my island and venture into the desert?
    "Yes, as soon as your feet are strong. But walk you shouldn't. It is to be a journey."
    I'm afraid, dear friend, the beauty of my island is too much to leave behind...
    "Fear not. What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well...You are the ship, you are the aviator. All you need is wind. As soon as you set sail, you will begin your return..."

    ...and off I went.
    I find myself still walking. Finding a place to place some words is comforting sometimes. I hope I can place them here. I hope they're safe and sound, for I have found the wind blows strong and I am out of breath.


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