luni, 21 septembrie 2009

ma tem de singuratate.imi e oroare ca am sa ma trezesc la un moment dat singura,fara sa am pe nimeni in jur.realizez ca mereu dau vina pe mine orice s-ar intampla achitand persoanele din jurul sunt intotdeauna vinovata de ce se intampla in jurul meu si ma pedepsesc singura.urmeaza probabil o perioada in care am sa invat sa ma inteleg bine cu mine si sa ma achit de vinovatii.probabil ca are sa imi ia ceva vreme pana cand am sa reusesc.mama imi zicea mereu:
"nu fii oaie,priveste intotdeauna inainte nu pleca privirea in jos"
radeam mereu cand auzeam lucrul asta dar niciodata nu l-am aplicat.

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  1. loneliness is one of the most fundamental human fears. more so because it has to be confronted by each one of us alone. you would be victorious in doing so if you can find peace in your solitude.
    Mr. Sartre once said "if you are lonely when you are alone, you are in bad company."
    I tend to agree. I've woken up alone, with none around, numerous times, and felt lonely many times. But then again, there were times were i didn't. You know that feeling when you wake up and after letting out a deep breath of sorrow, you start getting off the bed? You pause as you look down to your feet before getting up?
    Sometimes a similar feeling when you're walking alone, maybe in the rain. Well, I think your mom gave you a good advice but I would add that it is ok to look down at your feet sometimes and pause and take notice; there's always a road under your feet wherever you are. So you can take that road if you want or you can just stay there. Just keep in mind, no matter what you do you will always have yourself and time as a companion.
    As for the guilty, those are the people who have never walked a path of their own; those are the people who have ridden on the side and the backs of other people, slowing them down in their path; hoping that if they become such a burden then they will be pushed away and maybe then, if they're pushed hard enough, they can jump onto other peoples paths; and by leaving you alone they can also justify their existence to themselves.
    only the guilty have such burdens. but keep in mind you will always be responsible for what happens in the path you walk even when others jump into it.
    your solitude will have to be an acquired skill. one that comes from defining your own path and walking it to the end. master it and you will never feel alone again.


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