joi, 15 noiembrie 2012

mylove 40s anniversary thoughts

The big 4 today! So what have I learned? I ve learned that no matter how much I travel, there is no place like home. It is the journey that matters and not the destination. I ve learned that experience cannot be taught but only lived, so al...
low people to fall onto their face! Every time that I get a slap from life I get up stronger because I dare to live. I ve learned that no matter how much you love there is no better feeling than to be loved. From all the women I loved I only remember those who loved me back and the hope to find the one who will love me more. I ve learned that I have a choice, to be happy! I ve learned that while the boxer is in the ring, friends can only give their support outside the ropes, so the fight is yours! We are born alone and die alone but in between we have a choice. I ve learned to allow the tears to fall to ease the pain and purify the soul. I ve learned to make my reality through the illusion of the mind! I ve learned that you enjoy food when you are hungry, enjoy sleep when you are exhausted, miss your loved ones when you are away, value something when you loose it. I ve also learned that the small things in life matter the most. I ve learned that you can turn loneliness and yourself into your allie instead of your greatest enemy. The more knowledge I gain the less I know, so dont ask me for advise because I will only give you my opinion. I ve learned to be carefull of my thoughts because they become actions and actions become behaviour and behaviour becomes personality and personality becomes character and character defines who you are! I ve learned that friends are like jems that brighten your world, so thank you for your wishes!