duminică, 4 ianuarie 2009

extreme love

My heart is so ill like a fire in the night and i love u..your eyes,melted stars in the morning are looking so deep in the night of my soul..and i dream about you.. Can u guess what i fell now my angel?ohh no!!In your shiny life couldent reach neyther the shodow of a such a great pain thats tormenting my heart now..Imagine a real human beeing that doesent feel anything just like a shadow with no soul..
When a heart lost in sadness,heaviyng,in the stage of not couldent feel love ,because all the love it can fell h..has the ends in the power of the one how has it.when a heart like that would reach it desires to you,it will reach it will no faith,fighting to stop it,not coulding resist it..what could such a heart fell?sadness?Thats not sadness!Desperation?No!Thats a soul agony,a fight already lost,herd without wishes..
Desperation kills,what i fell hurts..In every broked fibre is an infinite pain and not in the same time..fibre with fibre brokes my soul...Deathis just an instant,desperation is time,what i fell its hell..Can u imagine such a pain widout crying?Made from stone be your heart there is a pert of it that it will move,made from poisson be a soul there are pains that sweet it up and there is no pain bigger then mines...Why am i alive when you wore ment to be?Why did my eyes fall on you?If i only be blind there are so much pains that i wouldent fell now.. Flower,how you smile in your garden widout knowing a heart brokes.. Star,how u shine in your sky wodout knowing a heart dyes..And in your not knowing you are the cauze of more pains..I didnt had wishes,no one in my life..i didnt cared..one dream i was capable to built,a dream that has my hole life in it and that dream couldent be forfilted..THATS YOU
Dont smile to me!your smile would only fill me with unreachable wishes Hate me!Please..maybe your hate will kill meand the death is nothing like the pains i fell todayHate me!I cant stop loving you...you dont know why..i will not tell you and with all of thatyour face..throwed away..on the spider tesue of my mind is the only happyness that i had in this hole world...

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